Friday, December 21, 2007

Bad service update

I was told to call back about my refund today (I was mistaken in thinking that they might want to follow-up with me I guess).

To my amazement, they picked up right away, although I had to wait for the supervisor I was told to ask for, for quite a while.

She did put a rush on the refund, which is nice because I've been waiting for over 3 months for it. We hung up, but then she called back a few minutes later to let me know they put a rush on the refund, and that my account has been credited. I thanked her, and she said they are willing to do anything because I'm a 'customer'. I guess that doesn't exclude leaving me on hold, not calling me back, lying to me over the phone, breaking promises and the like. While she was very nice, I pretty much draw the line at spending over 10 hours to get refunded for something that was never shipped to me.

If you are a business owner, or even if you just work in customer service, think about how much the bottom line can be improved by really taking good care of your customers.

For instance, I jumped on the website of a very well known company to order a bumper sticker for a friend. The sticker was only $1, but the shipping was $5. They didn't mean to do this, but no one just buy one bumper sticker, so the minimum shipping is $5.

I called them up to see if I could just pay them $1 for the sticker and another $1 to put a $.41 stamp on an envelope. I'm not kidding when the woman said "Don't worry about it, I'll send it to you for FREE." WHAT?!?!

Think of how much power her boss gave her to take care of the customer. She not only likes her job, but you better believe that I have ordered a TON of products from that company. In fact, I just ordered $50 worth of product from that same person today.

What could improving customer service do to YOUR business?