Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Don't Set Goals; They Don't Work

Goals often begin for most people as dreams. They envision themselves forty pounds lighter, one million dollars richer, or the envy of everyone in their neighborhood because their driveway has the newest car in it.
Progressing from the dream stage, goals often progress to New Year’s resolutions. Health clubs see their biggest influx of new members during this time of year, but most fizzle out around the 2-month mark. What is interesting is that many times these same gym goers still maintain their memberships, thinking they may still show up when the time becomes right. It never becomes right.
New Year’s is a time to pursue dreams previously unattained. Swimsuit season is approaching and “this is they year I will not feel like an outcast on the beach.” New Year’s resolutions rarely come to fruition because of one major downfall... they are not written down.
When you physically write your plans on an old fashioned piece of paper they can be converted into goals. The left and right sides of your brain get to connect when you physically write. The two independent A and B sides are finally aware of what the other is thinking.
You have a much higher probability of reaching your dreams when you convert them to goals and put them in writing, but many times it still doesn’t happen. Why not? One word... intention.
Intention separates those who do and those who only want to do. Intention begins with written goals and puts action behind them. If you want to make an extra $30,000 next year, make it a goal. $30,000 equals $2,500 additional income per month or $600 per week.
Next, state your intentions. What do you need to do to make an extra $600 per week? You might have to deliver pizzas four or five nights per week. If you are in sales that might involve getting in front of four more prospective clients each month of the year. The point is that you need a plan.
Writing your goals on paper is a good start, but it will only get you so far. If you want to reach your dreams, you must develop a plan.
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