Monday, February 18, 2008

Eat more vegetables

I've always heard that most people do not eat the daily recommended amount of vegetables and I've always found that hard to believe. For me, eating vegetables is very second nature. I never sit down for a meal that doesn't include vegetables (except breakfast, of course) and I usually end up eating more vegetables than anything else. So whenever I hear that people aren't eating enough I can't figure out why. Until now.

I've been on vacation for almost a week now, which means I have to eat out for every single meal. It amazes me what a lack of vegetables there are in restaurant food! Although I've been picking up fruit as often as possible to eat throughout the day, there aren't very many options for vegetables.

I've had sushi, Asian fusion, pizza, sandwiches, and seafood. Not one of those meals included a vegetable, unless you count the mushrooms and onions on my pizza. I have been craving vegetables but haven't had much luck coming across them.

So now I'm better able to understand that the real problem with people not eating enough vegetables is because so many Americans choose to eat out for their meals. If you're someone who eats meals out rather than staying home and cooking, be sure that you're taking every opportunity to add vegetables to your meal. Add a side salad to your meal as an appetizer or add on a side of vegetables. Pile as many vegetables as you can on your pizza or order items such as omelette's or sandwiches with vegetables.