Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Get a job

It is no secret that there are only two things you can do to change your financial situation. You can either raise your income or lower your outgo (cut your expenses). On the income side there are many things I suggest to clients to help get out of debt faster. Each of these I have either done or would do myself. When developing your plan, decide what will work best for you, but focus on doing whatever it takes to become debt free, except for you home, within 24 months or less.

Many people are looking for a flexible extra job to bump the monthly income a bit. Slightly flexible jobs include delivering pizza and newspapers. With these you should be able to work around your normal 9 - 5.

For something more flexible, how about delivering phone books? It's that time of year right now and you can work whenever you want, as long as you complete your route. To deliver the AT&T phone book, call 1-800-422-1955 and navigate to extension 4. The representative will take your information and pass it along to the local outlet in your city. They will call you with further information.

Delivering phone books is temporary work, but any extra income helps, especially if you are hurting for something beyond your normal take home pay.

When my wife and I were aggressively working to get out of debt, I remained open to any opportunity that came along. Visit www.fedex.com and navigate to their careers section. While UPS may be similar, I only have experience with FedEx's process. You will create a free account at FedEx and identify which jobs you are interested in. When a position opens you will receive an automated email with info if you are interested in interviewing.

The lowest paid FedEx position I ever came across paid about $13 / hour and only required about 12 hours per week. These jobs may be of interest to you if you need insurance coverage and cannot obtain any on your own.

Keep in mind that anything you do for extra income should remain temporary and should be done as a short-term plan to aggressively fight your way out of debt. You never know when you may develop an interest in something else and change your career direction. Are you passionate about your work?