Monday, April 21, 2008

Words of Wisdom Before You Die?

If you knew you had one last talk to give, what would
it be? Carnegie Mellon University hosts lecturers' from
around the world each year. The premise is, if you had
one last lecture to give, what would it be? For Randy
Pausch, it was very literal. He has pancreatic cancer
and his doctors told him he only has 6 months left to

His last lecture focused on many things, but really on
how you should live your life if you want to achieve your
dreams and goals. There is a surprise ending and I will
not ruin that for you here. You can watch the entire
76 minute talk
or the condensed
on Oprah (only 10 minutes long).

You need to make time to watch this video. You will not
be disappointed in the long version.

What would you talk about if you had one more talk to
give? Have you lived a good life? Was it free of stress?
Have you remained healthy? Have you reached your goals
and have many of your dreams come true?

Did you use your unique gifts and talents to enrich the
lives of others and make this world a better place, or
did you wander through life while putting your time in
at a job you hated, only to pay your bills?

Maybe it is time to step back from it all and put everything
in perspective. Take a fresh look at your life and what
you want to accomplish. Put forth a plan of action to
make it happen. It is time to get off the sidelines and

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