Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Debt Stress

It just doesn't sound good, does it? No, it's certainly not something I want to have.

A recent poll shows about 20% of Americans suffer from debt related stress. Here are a few things and article from USA Today pointed out that these people suffer from:
  • 44% had migraines or other headaches, compared with 15% with low debt stress.
  • 29% suffered severe anxiety, compared with 4%.
  • 23% had severe depression, compared with 4%.
  • 6% reported heart attacks, double the rate for those with low debt stress.
  • More than half, 51%, had muscle tension, including pain in the lower back. That compared with 31% of those with low levels of debt stress.
How about developing a plan to pay off your debt in just 24 months or less and then do it?

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