Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Your Spouse Must be Onboard

Whether you're getting out of debt or starting a new business, you spouse must be on board. When money is tight and one spouse wants to get out of debt but the other spends like their is no tomorrow the marriage is often hanging on by a thread.

You must both be on board if you want to make progress. Part of my job is to show couples how to work together to execute their plans.

Feel alone in trying to reach your goals? Often times I have each spouse separately write their list of financial goals on paper. We get back together and compare. Almost every time both sheets of paper contain the exact same goals.

Retirement, money in the bank, nice home, etc. If you have the same goals, why are you fighting?

When helping someone find work they love or start a business I like to meet with the other half of the marriage to see if they approve. They don't have the be involved, but without the support and encouragement of a trusting spouse it is much harder to succeed.

Try separately writing down your goals and comparing them with your spouse today. It could mean a world of difference and even save your marriage.

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