Saturday, August 16, 2008

Man Your Post if You Want to Hear From God

So many of our lives have become disintegrated and compartmentalized, it's no wonder we have no idea how to get out of our current situation and make our future match what we see in our dreams.

Habbakuk 2:1 says that we need to man our 'post'. Verse 2 states that we need to write our vision down.

If you aren't hearing from God it is because you have left your post. He's trying to get in touch with you, but you're not there listening. Get back on your post and download our free goals worksheet ( Write your vision down on paper. Without clearly defined goals you will likely be in the same place you are now five years down the road. Don't you want more in life?

Shawn called into the radio show today in regards to the book Halftime that he's reading. Shawns asks, what if there is no significance in your life in the first half to be able to give back in the second half. What a great question as Shawn is not alone.

If you feel like you have very little significance in your life, regardless of which half you are in, God wants you to find it. He wants you to find your passion. Picture a grandfather who buys a toy for his grandson. After two weeks of playing with it the boy is tired. Just as the grandfather has the desire on his heart for the boy to enjoy his toys, so God wants us to find our passions and learn about our significance in life. A Career & Personality Profile is a great place to start.

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