Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How's Your Portfolio?

This question conjures the image of Ivy League chums in smoking jackets spouting business jargon in an effort to impress each other. A portfolio is nothing more than a collection of investments.

Could be stocks, bonds, or real estate. Could be career, time with kids, and spiritual life.

We coach our clients in the career and financial aspects of their lives, resolving to help them regain control. Take control of your work life – do something you’re passionate about. Take control of your finances – live on a plan to eliminate the burden of debt and bask in financial freedom.

In the investing world, we’re supposed to make educated decisions with money over the long term. In our daily world, we must responsibly make decisions about ourselves and our family. You could work a part-time job in a field you love to see if there’s a long-term fit. You could leave the office and have lunch with your kids. You could read a book that challenges you to grow spiritually. You could seek help with creating a plan for your financial future.

They all take time – an investment on your part. They all require effort – you have to take control of the situation.

So, how’s your portfolio?

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