Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Start with an Idea that WON'T Make You Money

Pierre Omidyar wanted to trade Pez dispensers not create a business for himself.

He started with an idea which later became e-commerce Bay area, or eBay for short.

Pierre is now the 120th richest person in the world and to date has committed over $270 million to economic advancement throughout the world.

I see far too many people try to build their idea into the next "big" thing and not focus on the passion that brought it to their imagination in the first place. That's like an NFL player catching a ball just for the money. I guarantee he didn't start out with that mindset when he first picked one up at 6 years old.

Instead of getting trapped in the "how" (not enough money, time or resources), focus your idea on the "what" (what do you want to accomplish?). Your idea could quickly (or slowly) bring you the financial outcome you're dreaming about right now.

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Ted Griffith said...

What a great reminder. Whenever we start doing something just for the money we can make, that becomes a JOB. Often I see that the focus on the monetary becomes so great that all of the joy and passions we started dong something in the first place dissapear.