Thursday, July 2, 2009

Life and Money Outside the Box

Would you classify yourself as an independent thinker? Would you say that you are a visionary? Your thought-life has direct implications on your real life, so what do you think about? In researching the characteristics of millionaires, independent thinking and casting vision are common denominators.

Millionaires think differently about everything – not just money – because they know that conforming to social norms is a recipe for mediocrity. From how they spend their time to how they use their energy, these people identify what is important to them and then go about pursuing it.

We tend to sensationalize millionaires in our culture, believing they all have private jets, homes around the world, and heated toilet seats. In truth, the typical millionaire in our country observes what works and doesn’t work, then casts vision for his or her financial future.

What works? Saving and investing money, making wise purchases, living with a purpose for monthly income, and helping others. What doesn’t work? Trying to borrow your way to wealth, having a “keeping up with the Joneses” mentality, following the herd, and being self-centered.

We’ve all heard the phrase “think outside the box,” and most of us recognize that we’re at our creative best when we avoid groupthink. What if instead of just thinking outside the box, you lived outside the box? What if the way you approached all of your financial decisions took into account what you want to accomplish for your life – not just tomorrow, but also ten years from now?

Thinking independently requires we get away from the noise and clutter in our media. Having a vision means sitting down and honestly deciding what you want out of this life. Creativity and a positive attitude accompany those who know what they want. They are the ones who align their beliefs and values with their actions somewhere outside the box.

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