Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The time is now

I wanted to follow up on a prior post titled "Don't Hesitate". The issue of procrastination, putting things off, or making excuses is all too common among people wanting to make change. I see it over and over again and it's frustrating when you want to tell people that there is no better time than right now to make a change.

I've been helping someone with their budget who is really eager to get their finances in order. We sat down, went through the plan, and decided how to start. Well, wouldn't you know, something came up that is hindering them from starting to take control of this aspect of their lives.

This person has decided to move and feels the need to get other things in their life in order before thinking about the budget. Personally, if I were making such an important life change I would want my finances in order first. People can make as many excuses as they want if they don't make change a priority.

If you're serious about changing something in your life the time is now. No matter what else comes up between today and when you start, do not let that hinder you; there will never be a better time to begin.