Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Don't Let External Factors Dictate Your Life

How many of us feel 'down' when it's raining outside, or energized when the sun is shining? How many times do you run into someone and begin talking about the weather and what a horrible day it is? It's too hot, too cold, too windy, not enough rain, too much rain, etc. It seems that no one is ever happy.

Do you let those external factors dictate your life? I am just as energized when it's raining as I am when the sun is shining. If it's cold of if it's hot, I don't let it affect my mood.

Sure, it's hard sometimes, but I realize that I am the only one responsible for how I feel, how I act and how I treat others. If you play into the external variables in your life all of a sudden you don't have much control over it anymore.

Make a decision today that you won't let external factors like the weather or how other people treat you be a major factor in your direction.