Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Obesity related costs

In the recent 2/1/08 edition of the Austin Business Journal, it was reported that because hospitals are now treating patients who are increasingly obese, they need specialized equipment like floor-mounted toilets and oversized beds with built-in scales, stretchers & wheelchairs that allow them to work with patients safely and efficiently. It’s sad to think that soon this new equipment will become the norm and people won’t even think twice about being so overweight.

Not only that, but the super-sized equipment can be double or triple the cost of standard equipment, thus driving up the costs of care. I don't argue with the fact that hospitals need to invest in new equipment in order to best care for people, but do you think this contributes to a thought process that tells society it's okay to be so overweight?

If over sized beds and equipment soon become more normalized, will be overweight or obese become the accepted norm?