Monday, January 28, 2008

Don't hesitate

I lead a Financial Peace University (FPU) group as a ministry twice per year. Inevitably, it seems to turn out to always be one of the biggest groups that FPU has ever seen. I'm happy to offer my services for free during this 13-week program, and that is probably why the group is so big (120 people last time!).

Due to scheduling issues conflicts at the church, we've decided to keep this group to a max of 75 people. Time and time again I've seen people that want to make a change in their lives hesitate to the point that it's too late. We had more people want to sign up during the last of 6 orientations that for the first 5 put together. We had to cut it off, but I'm still getting calls and emails asking to join. The good news is that I teach this class twice per year, and it's also offered in the same format all over the country.

Is the hesitation or procrastination preventing you from reaching your goals? What's stopping you from becoming debt-free, losing weight, starting that business you've always wanted to start, or doing something you actually enjoy for a living?

I wouldn't be surprised if you took a hard look at that question and found out that the problem is you.