Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Plan your life, then get a job

The number of people I meet who hate what they do for a living really does amaze me. I talk to many people who are working a particular job that do so out of a responsibility to their family. After all, without money, there is no food.

The greater problem in my eyes is that with this mindset, these people are really being irresponsible with the gifts God has given them. I believe we are each created with a specific purpose, and to throw that purpose to the way side and not use it, is to not trust in our Creator.

I'm certainly the last person that would ever tell someone just to quit their job. Rather, I think you need to be responsible to those counting on you, while at the same time looking inside yourself to find that inner purpose. At that point, instead of simply jumping away from something, you'll be jumping to something. Develop a plan and carry it out. You'll be glad you did.