Thursday, June 12, 2008

Don't limit yourself

If you own a small business, open your eyes up to things that you may not have thought of before.

Stay narrow in what you offer and who you offer it to, but consider doing things that may be out of your norm. You should always have something that you can invite your clients and everyone you meet to.

I host a radio show each week that I invite people to listen to. I also interview experts that line up with what I teach in our Tuesday Teleseminar Series. These events keep me in front of the people I'm trying to reach and help change their lives.

If doing the same old thing in your business hasn't caused your business to grow, consider new ways to not only reach, but also to help people. Do you have a resources page on your website? If you do, make sure that it is great content that people can really use. Update it often and add to it.

The more varied things you do, the faster your business will grow and thrive.

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