Monday, June 16, 2008

Woman Sues Over Nutrition Info in Restaurants

Two weeks ago, I wrote a blog entry about some restaurant dishes that have more calories than reported. There is now a woman in Seattle who is suing major chain restaurants for false nutrition reports on their healthy menu items.

For three years Anne Paskett has been trying to lose weight without much luck. She has continued to eat out, but stuck to her fat and calorie intake plan by checking out food stats online beforehand. Each week that she would get weighed she would either gain weight, or simply not lose any.

She blames the restaurants for falsely reporting the nutrition information in her meals. While I agree that restaurants should be truthful about what they are cooking, I don't believe that the chef can replicate a dish every single time it is made, so that it has the exact same calories and fat that one would expect.

I eat out once or twice a week, and sometimes I order off the "healthier" section of menus and sometimes not. But I take responsibility to balance my calories in and calories out throughout the week so that it more or less evens out.

It seems as if someone who has been unsuccessfully trying to lose weight for 3 years would stop eating out so much if they are not losing weight. We need to take responsibility for our own actions, rather than putting the blame on others.

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Anonymous said...

I am in complete agreement with you on this. I think that this lady should be ashamed of herself. Take responsibility for your actions! We all know that eating out is not the healthy choice. If she were a serious WW dieter, she would already know this. This lawsuit smells of someone who wants to get free money. I hope that she does not have kids, I would hate to perpetuate this type of litigious mentality. We can only hope that this suit is not settled and the companies involved investigate this lady. I bet she is hitting the drive-thru at McD's and sipping her latte's from Starbucks (maybe she'll sue them next)!