Friday, June 6, 2008

Go the Distance

Have you ever gone for a walk, run, or bike ride and wondered just how far you went? Most people tend to over estimate their distance, which has its implications. If you overestimate how much you exercise, you're likely to overestimate how much you should be eating.

I came across some great websites awhile ago that will help you figure out exactly how far you went when exercising, without having to wear a pedometer. Each website is essentially the same, but has a different name depending on your exercise:

They are simple to use; you begin by typing in your starting address and it brings up a map of the area. You click around the map and it tracks the distance as you click. And ta da! You know exactly how far you went.

Use these websites either before you exercise to help plan your route, or after you exercise to see how far you went.

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