Thursday, June 5, 2008

Is it possible to become a millionaire?

When the economy is failing, people are losing their jobs and their homes this sounds like an impossibility. The furthest that you need to look may just be to your neighbors home.

What kind of car are they driving? Do they have an elaborate home? If you think they are unassuming and don't have flashy things, they may very well be millionaires.

Dr. Thomas Stanley points out that most millionaires drive 2-year old or older paid for cars and owe very little on their mortgages.

I met with 2 couples last week that are almost millionaires on paper. Both families each had 2 cars. The value of cars in each family was less than $7,000 for both cars combined.

Maybe it's time to stop believing that these things happen once you become a millionaire and start doing these things with the intention of becoming a millionaire.

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Joey Hansen said...

Well put, Justin! I completely agree!